Fun Runs Sydney

Are you looking for a Manly Beach health club that is social and can teach you how to run and have fun at the same time?

OzSquad can help get you race ready for any Sydney fun runs and beyond.

Everyone knows that an easy, cheap way to quickly increase your fitness is to take up running, but most of the time people don’t get taught how to run or know how to start and often end up losing interest or getting injured before reaching their goal.

Everyone also hopefully knows that you are way more likely to stick to something if it is fun. Try these tips from the most social health and fitness club in Manly Beach, OzSquad.

Running is more fun if:

  1. You mix it up. Running along Manly Beach every day at the same time at the same speed won’t stay fun for long (even though Manly has to be one of the best places in Sydney, heck the world, to run). To ensure that you improve as a runner and remain injury free, your exercise routine should consist of shorter fast runs, hilly runs, long runs, strength sessions and yoga as well. This variety of fitness sessions will keep your running fun, and they all appear on OzSquad’s timetable.
  2. You join a group. There are plenty of health clubs in Manly Beach to choose from so that you don’t have to run alone. At OzSquad we have weekend long runs geared up to many fun runs and events in Sydney that we enter as a team as well as four group ‘Original’ running sessions at Manly Beach every week.  We also have strength and yoga sessions too – see point 1!
  3. You learn how to silence the voices telling you it isn’t fun. Running is 80% mental and if you can improve your will-power to ignore these voices you are 80% there. OzSquad’s Learn to Run Course teaches all kinds of mental tips and tricks to make running in Sydney more fun!
  4. You can see progress towards a goal. Whether it is to complete a park run without walking, enter a fun run or just improve your pure fitness, it is fun to see how you are tracking! Keep a record of times and distance and track your progress. Easily done with running apps such as Strava or Runkeeper and also keeps you accountable to all those new running friends.
  5. You learn how to do it properly. We take lessons to learn how to play tennis properly, or do yoga properly, or swim properly but it is rare that people get running training. OzSquad’s Learn to Run course or personal training sessions at Manly Beach can teach you how to run efficiently and how to avoid injury. If your activity hurts less, it tends to be more fun!
  6. You smile! Try it, who cares if you look a bit weird. Anything goes at Manly Beach (Have you seen the guy on the penny farthing?!).

Do you still not believe that running in Sydney is fun?!

Then try my fitness club on Manly Beach, Sydney, today by signing up for a free trial session. OzSquad might just change your mind.

OzSquad’s Top Fun Runs in Sydney

  1. Sydney Harbour 10k
  2. City2Surf
  3. Sydney Running Festival -3.9k, 9k, half marathon, marathon
  4. Park Run Curl Curl
  5. Manly Fun Run
  6. Pub2Pub Charity Fun Run
  7. Sun Run Cole Classic
  8. MS Walk + Fun Run
  9. Manly Soft Sand Classic
  10. Nike+ Woman’s Runs
  11. The Colour Run Sydney
  12. Sydney Striders Series
  13. Annual great NOSH Footrace

Fun Runs Sydney