OzSquad Boxing   Boxing is awesome. It conditions the entire body. It improves agility, speed and coordination. It builds endurance and strength. Do you need any more reasons to come and give boxing at OzSquad a go? Ok then – it burns fat, improves reflexes and increases self-confidence. It will make you aerobically and anaerobically…

Bodyweight Training – No Equipment Necessary At OzSquad we love a bit of bodyweight training.  Here’s why…. 1.  You can do it anywhere, anytime. No equipment is necessary, so the excuse – “Oh what a shame, I can’t do any exercise today, I left my ab roller at home” just won’t cut it. Your body…

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small outdoor Group sessions

OzSquad are running small outdoor group sessions with restricted numbers during Stage 1 of easing COVID restrictions. Current spots are full, however we will add more classes if there is the demand - add your details below to be wait-listed and notified as soon as new sessions are added or restrictions are lifted further.