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Every OzSquad bootcamp is different, but each exercise session is a high energy all over body work-out. The group training exercise classes on Manly Beach are fun, social and effective too. Come along for a free trial session and discover that burpees before breakfast can be fun!

OzSquad personal training sessions are specifically designed for your fitness goals. Like the bootcamps, each training session will be varied (and fun!) and therefore effective in ensuring your body is constantly adapting and giving you the results that you want.

Be able to proudly call yourself a ‘runner’ after a six week Learn to Run course with OzSquad in Manly. Learn breathing techniques, correct running form, learn some new secret local running routes and make lots of new running buddies.

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OzSquad operates under a Fitness Trainer license from Manly Council for group and personal training, meaning that all insurances and registrations are valid.  We are respectful of other users of the amazing spaces Manly offers and always give way, keep the noise down and leave only sweat behind!


Are you a Mum?


OzSquad also powers Buggy Bootcamp Manly Beach – an outdoor exercise group for Mums and Bubs Fitness. Come along for a free trial if you have a little one in tow but don’t want to miss out on OzSquad’s style of training.


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Carly Steggles is a proud Alumni Ambassador for lululemon Warringah.  Stay tuned for details of colloborative events and find out more in-store.

Looking to join a bootcamp?  Get an Introductory OzSquad Pass for only $59 for the first month.

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