About OzSquad

We are Manly’s most social bootcamp.

At OzSquad we don’t believe in before and after photos, crash diets or weight loss challenges. You won’t find any of us posing for a work-out Instagram selfie and we don’t give a damn what you look like!

Instead, we believe in exercising to feel good, more energised and ready for the day ahead. We help shake up stale exercise routines, increase daily activity and always encourage a bit of friendly banter too.

There are no egos at Manly’s most social bootcamp – we’re just a friendly bunch of welcoming people who love being outdoors in the awesome place we live . We work hard but don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We offer fun, friendly and varied outdoor bootcamp, boxing, conditioning, strength, cardio and yoga classes with amazing sunrises and gorgeous ocean views, on the beachfront in Manly. There are classes six days a week, plus regular socials, challenges and events.

Every OzSquad session is different. This means that we always keep your body guessing and constantly adapting to the challenges you are putting it through. Resistance and core work one day, endurance hill runs and all manner of body weight strength exercises the next. Variety is the spice of life after all.

We also know that if you enjoy the exercise you do, it will naturally become part of your weekly routine. And if exercise becomes part of your routine, it becomes part of your lifestyle – it’s just what you do.

We’ve been operating on Manly Beach since 2012. We have only ever cancelled TWO sessions in that time (when it was just plain dangerous to be outside). Rain or shine, we will be out there (we’re not made of sugar!). We provide a bootcamp timetable you can rely on.

Members don’t need to book sessions in advance, they just turn up. Simples!

OzSquad Team

OzSquad’s trainers are down to earth, encouraging, approachable and passionate about their work and members. Our priority is to provide a professional service, ensuring that everyone walks away from their OzSquad session buzzing from that post exercise high.

Carly Steggles

OzSquad Owner & Head Trainer

Carly spent her early career working in a suited and booted corporate job in the UK. Shortly after returning to her desk from a mammoth two year overland trip from the UK to Australia, she decided that she didn’t want to see her personality disappear into an Excel spread-sheet any longer. After dramatically (in her head at least) quitting accountancy, Carly now leads a more outdoorsy, active, and flexible lifestyle as owner and head trainer of OzSquad and Buggy Bootcamp (sessions specifically for mums and bubs). A lululemon alumni ambassador, Carly is passionate about welcoming anyone, of any fitness level, to both bootcamps.

An organiser at heart, Carly enjoys nothing more than rallying (backslash nagging) friends and clients into various outdoor activities. While she loves running, her other pursuits of choice include kayaking, beach volleyball, boxing, netball, strength training and yoga.

Hailing from England, her freestyle swim skills aren’t what they should be but she is also currently working hard at changing her doggy paddle into a front crawl worthy of an Aussie pool.

Carly has tackled half marathons, marathons, Ultra marathons, and Mud Runs galore (coming in as the 10th toughest girl at the Tough Bloke challenge – she is now hunting down the tougher nine to challenge them to a push up competition to equal the scores). Having caught the ultra-marathon bug at the Ultra Trail Australia events, Carly is now busy re-writing her running bucket list to include some longer multi-day running events and triathlons while juggling life with her two littlies, Cass and Finn.

Lynsay Rushworth

OzSquad Trainer

There’s nothing like a Northern English Mackem accent yelling at you to go faster!

A salt-of-the-Earth lass, Lynsay also escaped an office job in the UK to work as a trainer in Sydney’s glorious Northern Beaches. A Mum of two, a Les Mills instructor and bootcamp leader extraordinaire, Lynsay is a busy bee and loves nothing more than getting Manly peeps squatting, running and lunging at an outdoor fitness class. Whilst talking about food, the latest Netflix show, her favourite chocolate and the latest bargains on offer at Aldi. She loves to talk almost as much as she loves a discount!

Lynsay currently divides her time between her two kids, PT work, Buggy Bootcamp and OzSquad sessions. 

We can also confirm that there really is only one legend that is Lynsay Rushworth. You need to get down to bootcamp just to meet her

Lara Cumming

OzSquad Trainer

Lara is not your typical fitness instructor. She is a lawyer by day who likes to spend her early mornings encouraging people to run, jump, skip, push, pull and fly.* She is really into technique, form and biomechanics and will use her attention to detail to ensure you get the most out of each exercise.

Lara loves nothing more than creating fun, energetic and effective classes which often have a unique twist (there was the time she turned up to Manly wearing fairy wings and clutching a wand then proceeded to teach a bootcamp based on children’s party games for her birthday).

A free-spirit and adventurer at heart, Lara has climbed Africa’s highest mountain, cycled over a thousand kilometres through the Western Australian wilderness and lived for three months in the middle of a pineapple plantation in Costa Rica. 

Lara can’t wait to train you for your next adventure in life, whatever that may be.

*Please note for legal reasons Lara is no longer allowed to ask people to fly. 


OzSquad Yogi

After 15+ years of working in demanding corporate jobs and having two kids, Kate trained as a yoga teacher with Qi Yoga in Manly. Kate has a particular interest in yoga for back care and pre/post-natal practice as well as yoga for anyone who runs, walks and/or sits a lot (basically everyone!).

Kate has practiced yoga for more than 20 years and has experienced the many benefits yoga can offer, from building strength and flexibility to quietening the mind and being present. Her classes have been described as fun and challenging while also allowing the time we rarely give ourselves for deep rest and relaxation.

Outside of yoga, you can find Kate on the beach with her two girls, eating the amazing food her husband cooks, scuba diving, skiing and travelling (although the kids have put the brakes on the last three a bit…)

Client Testimonials

Been going to OzSquad for nearly 2 years, awesome staff and awesome can do attitude. Helped me get back into fitness.
Hayden Cargill
Awesome location. Dedicated and motivated trainers. Fun bunch to train with. What more can you ask for!?!
Nicole Hedditch
Fantastic trainers, awesome location and great members! Lot's of optional social activities to join in with and generally a great vibe. And of course really effective workouts.
Kate Oseman
Carly is an excellent trainer, who always mixes it up to keep things interesting and fun. Boot camp has really increased my fitness level.
Linda Aloi
Carly, Linz and the OzSquad gang are awesome! Fantastic work outs on the beautiful Manly sea front..the best way to start your day!
Andrew Dixon
High quality, varied, and effective outdoor fitness classes with the added bonus of being a great way to make new friends in Manly. Highly recommended.
Richard McIntosh

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