Fitness Trackers: 3 Basic Types of Trackers

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Types of Fitness Trackers

Need a little motivation to keep up your workout regimen? Whether you’re hitting the gym daily or just try to fit in some extra steps between your busy work day, fitness trackers are a helpful tool to reach your exercising goals. recently compared 87 contenders to find out what makes a good exercise companion. The goal was to find options that are the simple to use, comfortable to wear and offer the most useful data.

There are 3 basic types of fitness trackers:

Basic fitness trackers

Count the approximate number of steps you take and calculate the distance you’ve traveled using that data. These are best for walkers and runners who want to track distance-based activity.

Heart rate monitoring trackers

Do everything a basic fitness tracker can, but they also have sensors that can monitor changes in your heart rate. These can help you determine the number of calories you’ve burned throughout the day

Heart rate monitoring trackers with GPS

Can do all of the above, plus communicate with satellites to triangulate your position anywhere on the globe (provided you’re not inside). This is a great option if you’re a cyclist or like to hit the trails.

fitness tracker

A few other features to look for in a fitness tracker include wireless syncing, water resistance, and activity notifications that tell you when it’s time to get moving! To learn more about what found out in their research and testing of fitness trackers, check out their review here:

fitness tracker

The 3 Best Fitness Trackers

Fitbit Charge 2 – Best Heart Rate Monitoring Fitness Tracker

Garmin Vivosmart HR+ – Best Heart Rate Monitoring and GPS Fitness Tracker

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