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Why #mileaday2018 ?

Yep, a few challenge-accepting OzSquadders are running a mile every day for a whole year.

Why the rest of you ask, why?!

There’s actually quite a few reasons to embark on the seemingly ‘pointless’ challenge of running for between 7 and 12 minutes every day, rain or shine, hungover, healthy or tired for 365 days.

This is why I’m doing it and why you should you join us. For a week, a month, a 100 days, until your birthday or for the whole god damn year. …

1. Long Term Commitment

I personally can comprehend doing something every day for a week or a month, just, but a year seems like an incredibly long time – especially when we are only on run number 31 out of 365. I don’t actually know if I can keep it up all year (with whatever 2018 may throw in the way), but it wouldn’t be a challenge if I knew that.

Committing, and then hopefully following through with that commitment, displays characteristics that I aspire to and respect in other people – being true to your word and just getting the job done. I hope that I get this job done  – watch this space!

mile a day in manly

2. Self-discipline

This is a self-governed challenge with self-imposed rules – yes most people are posting their runs on Strava, but there’s no-one actually checking up each day to make sure you have run. That’s down to you and only you (and that little voice in your head!).

There are no ‘official rules’ but I decided that my mile had to be a standalone run – it could not be completed as part of any other exercise class – and no matter how slow, it had to be a run rather than a walk. Others have set their own boundaries, rules and reasons to put their own self-discipline to the test.

BTW #mileaday-ers, I’m not checking up on you but…. if that little voice in your head thinks it doesn’t count. Then it probably doesn’t.

3. Willpower and memory aid!

Getting off the sofa to go and run for 10 minutes at 9pm after dinner when you would much rather watch the next episode of The Sinner on Netflix (look it up, it’s good) takes a whole shed-load of willpower. If we train up our willpower in this challenge and learn that it really is mind over matter – we’ll be able to apply that to every other aspect of our lives. From little things, big things grow.

The challenge will hopefully also assist my new found baby brain. The fear of forgetting to run is REAL people!

4. Changing habits/routines

I usually only run in the morning, but already my 10 minutes have been completed at all odd hours of the day. I have a new love of running along the sand at dusk and of getting out after dark. A change is as good as a rest and all that.

beach running mile a day

5. Running through injuries

I’m currently battling with a hamstring tendinopathy and can’t run far, fast or up too many hills without aggravating it. It is as frustrating as hell, but without this challenge, I would probably (actually definitely) have thrown in the towel on any running at all.  The challenge has kept me tying up the laces and getting out there – and you know what, I’m still getting all the things I love about running: a sweat on, a clear head and a chance to do the runner’s nod at other runners. 😉

6. Learning to love to run

At least one of our #mileaday-ers had fallen off the exercise wagon and wasn’t previously a runner. Three weeks in and they’ve just run their first mile without stopping for years.  Actually, what’s this one doing at number 6, this should be on the top of the list and hopefully enough to inspire any other non-runners to give it a shot.

7. Anywhere, anytime

Hopefully we all have a holiday or two planned for 2018 – whilst we all usually excuse ourselves from exercise for that week or two, we bloody can’t this year! A little bit of exercise every day no matter where we are will hopefully prove that consistency is key to avoiding that over-done it holiday feeling. One #mileaday-er has just set off on a 6 month trip around the country, another is due to give birth in a few month’s time. I can safely say that without the challenge, these guys would not have put on their runners every day!

mile a day holiday

8. Me time

To be blunt, if you can’t find 10 minutes in your day to be present whilst doing something good for yourself, then Houston we have a problem. With mental health issues, the ‘busy’ disease and long stressful working hours more prevalent than ever, a challenge like this may just save someone’s sanity.

That alarm clock can be set 10 minutes earlier you know. 😉

mile a day fun run 9. For the comedy.

I have already accidentally taken this selfie on the run. Others have ran with a little extra alcoholic help late at night, minutes before the cut off. A year will surely bring more running anecdotes and ‘wtf am I doing’ moments.  And hopefully less TERRIBLE selfies.

bad running selfi


You see, it isn’t really even about the running.  It’s about commitment, discipline, taking time out for yourself and willpower. And occasionally running in inappropriate footwear and clothing.

So then, who’s in for February?!


PS….. To keep us all accountable, I hereby do publicly reveal your current #mileaday-ers for 2018:

Ana Maria
Anthoulla Mohamudally
Blair Amber Milne
Carly Steggles
Claire McKendrick
Filimon Filippou
Jo Goodenough Oliver
Katrina King
Kelvyn Steggles
Tanya Carroll
Winsome Denyer

You’re welcome runners. 😉

mile a day running on the beach mile a day with kids

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