No egos, attitudes or to put it bluntly, jack-asses.

This is your Tribe.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, no-one likes a party pooper.

A timetable you can rely on.  Rain or shine, no cancellations.


Social, fun and effective exercise – good fitness bang for your buck.

We do it outdoors.

At OzSquad we pride ourselves on delivering effective and always varied sessions, going the extra mile to get to know each and every client, being reliable and professional at all times, fostering friendships and organising kick-ass events, socials and activities.

We’re about keeping it real and providing exercise that you enjoy, so it becomes part of your lifestyle and just what you do.

A choice, not a chore.

You will definitely enjoy it.

More than just a bootcamp.

No nameless faces at the back of the class.

In operation since 2012 on Manly Beach.

Sunrises and ocean views with your burpees.

Cheaper than therapy.







Everything in moderation (yep chocolate, pizza and beer too).

We’re not about body image or weight loss – we don’t give a stuff what you look like.

We’re about exercising because of the huge HEALTH, WELLBEING and MENTAL BENEFITS it brings and leave weight-loos to nutritionists.

You will probably make some friends for life.

You might just achieve the ‘unachievable’ too.

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