Mix it up and make new mates at OzSquad

Do you always run the same old route at the same steady pace?

Do you want to meet some like-minded people and have a laugh and a chat whilst you sweat?

(And whilst we’re at it, current OzSquadders – Do you always come to the same OzSquad sessions each week? Do you avoid Shred Wed? I know who you are btw…)

It is important to keep changing up your routine – not only so the brain doesn’t get bored but so the body doesn’t plateau either and you see the results that you are looking for.

Pick a slightly heavier weight occasionally, go for the push ups on the toes if you have been doing them for ever on your knees, attend a running interval class. Come and try all the different OzSquad sessions on offer – you have boxing, strength, bootcamp and running based sessions to choose from each week.

Variety is the spice of life after all and at OzSquad that forms the basis of our training style.

The fitness buzzword on the street at the moment is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and whilst we don’t go in for buzzwords at OzSquad too much – these are the types of protocols that OzSquad training has been following from the outset. Short, sharp bursts of effort that will leave you burning calories for hours after your work-out.

At OzSquad there is also a huge emphasis on friendships and community spirit. The sessions are a great way to meet new people – OzSquadders are a welcoming bunch who don’t take themselves too seriously and often meet up for social runs, outdoor activities and less wholesome trips to the pub. Just come along for a free trial to meet the crew. 🙂

So don’t delay – mix it up and make new mates at OzSquad today.

Email carly@ozsquad.com.au to register for a free trial.


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