Mondays. Let’s get ready to rumble…

OzSquad Boxing


Boxing is awesome. It conditions the entire body. It improves agility, speed and coordination. It builds endurance and strength. Do you need any more reasons to come and give boxing at OzSquad a go? Ok then – it burns fat, improves reflexes and increases self-confidence. It will make you aerobically and anaerobically fitter. And ladies, as repetitions are high, it will tone and define those arms rather than adding bulk.

Come along to find out the benefits of boxing for yourself – and have a little read of OzSquad’s basic boxing tips for pad holding, punching and positioning so you are ahead of the game!

Pad holding:

  • Hold pads at shoulder height with your elbows about a fist distance away from your body.
  • Provide resistance at the moment of impact by tensing your core and your upper body.
  • Pad holders are in control of the boxer – not the other way around!


  • Punch from the chin, not the chest or the waist!
  • Keep elbows slightly soft, don’t lock them out.
  • Don’t box with square shoulders, turn and use your entire body to throw a punch.


  • Keep your chin tucked.
  • To perfect the twinkle toe look, your weight should be distributed 50:50 between your front and back foot, knees should be soft and you should stay on the balls of your feet.


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