OzSquad Strava Segment Comp

** NEW ** The North Head Fountain Dash, the Queenie Hill Dash and the Beachfront 1km Dash.

The latest bits of OzSquad friendly competition! Use these Strava segments to get the blood pumping and challenge yourself on your runs around Man-town.

Simply join OzSquad on Strava (https://www.strava.com/clubs/165448), have Strava on when out running and run past the following points to have your time for the segments recorded on the OzSquad leaderboard. Beat your own previous times and try to knock James King off the top spot!

Walk it, jog it, run it, sprint it. Set yourself a time and keep on beating it.  There will be end of year prizes (not just for the fastest times!).

Note: There is no need to do anything other than turn Strava on (you can do this wherever/whenever you start your run, it doesn’t have to be at the segment start point) and make sure you run right past the start and finish points for your segment time to be recorded.

OzSquad Fountain Dash  


It’s 1.5km. Uphill. You’re welcome. 🙂

Starts: At the water fountain at Shelly Beach (the one near the square benches).

Finishes: At the water fountain just before the Parade Ground

Route: Go via the middle stairs from Shelly Beach (not the road ramp), through the car park, up the bush path via the hole in the wall, straight over Blue Fish Drive onto the metal grates to the grass and water fountain just before the Parade Ground.

ozsquad fountain dash

OzSquad Queenie Hill Dash


Short.  Sharp.  Lung busting.

Starts: Underneath the clock at Queensie Surf Club

Finishes: Angel Café

Route: Over the bridge and up them stairs. Mind the roads!

ozsquad queenie hill dash

OzSquad Beachfront 1km Dash


Flat and fast – make all the beachfront strollers think you run your whole run that fast 😉

Starts: From the main entrance of North Steyne Surf Club

Finishes: Entrance to Manly Surf Club

Route: Keep the water on your left and you should be right!

And yes, I see the potential for a trifecta event!

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