OzSquad Twelve Days of Christmas Bootcamp!


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OzSquad Twelve Days of Christmas Bootcamp!

Just in case you, Thursday OzSquadders have forgotten the most sweaty 12 Days of Christmas of your life – here is a little reminder…

And if anyone else wants to try (!) the festive work-out, like the song, start on the First Day of Christmas and work up, adding a ‘present’ each time!

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Sergeant Steggles gave to me…

… Twelve atomic sit ups

… Eleven crouching tuck jumps

… Ten normal push ups

… Nine reverse crunches

… Eight power lunges

… Seven Turkish get ups

… Six prisoner squats

… Five shuttle runs

… Four jumping jacks

… Three squat jumps

… Two sit up twists

… And a burpee in the soft sand!

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