5 ways to stay motivated

5 Ways To Stay Motivated

It looks like Winter is here to stay for a little while and yes, even the hardcore OzSquad lot acknowledge that it is harder to get out from under that duvet when it is cold and dark outside. Here Bronte gives us her top tips for staying motivated….

1 Buy a whiteboard!

motivated whiteboard

This may sound a bit trivial, and you are probably wondering why you shouldn’t use the $25 that you will spend at the Newsagent on something a little more exciting. However, the impact of having a whiteboard in your home that you can look at every single day is a powerful visual representation of your goals and progress.

Start by writing up your physical commitments for the week, whether this be 3 x 5 km runs, 2 x sessions of OzSquad (or both!) or eating no sugar for an entire week. Studies show that human beings need to actually see results of a task to feel it has been a success. The feeling of physically ticking off a goal, however small that goal may be, is invigorating and a great way to push you to continue.

2 Set a long term goal.

Motivation Tip Set Long Term Goals

Having a holistic perspective on the work on yourself that you do is integral in perseverance. If you have ever read Waiting for Godot, you will understand the concept of nihilism, and that trying the same thing over and over again for a purpose that does not exist is ridiculous and will lead you to giving up very quickly. If you haven’t read it, you can spend a little more at the Newsagent when you go to get that whiteboard…

Set a fitness goal for six months or a year away. This is well suited for distance runners. Hop onto Google, and look at some maps of fantastic long runs that you can do in Sydney and lock it in. It does not have to be a marathon, but it needs to be at the level where you say to yourself “Oh god, that makes me feel so nervous, I could NEVER do that!” Because in fact, of course, you can, but you will need to work hard, for a long time.

You will get there with commitment, and the mental benefits of reaching this destination will do wonders for your character, and anything you do in life.

3 Find mates to train with.

motivation train with friends

Accountability is absolutely essential to motivation. Being intrinsically motivated is an amazing quality but it is easier said than done. If you don’t have anyone to send you a pre work out text for the 6am session, or the post-work run you have planned for that evening, then there is no reason for you to go.   There will not be any consequences other than those voices in the head which we are all pretty good at arguing with.

Spending time with mates while training is an awesome way to stay motivated, and also kills two birds with one stone! It is super enjoyable getting fit with people who you can relate (and complain!) to.

4 Treat Yourself!

coffee treat

Self-love is another way to really show yourself that you appreciate the effort you have gone to for better health, fitness and mental wellbeing.

If you have had a month of superb exercise, you have smashed a goal, or you merely attended one boxing session that you don’t usually do. . . .then give your body some love!
Whether that’s heading to the mall and indulging in a new Nike run vest, or getting a big take away chai latte and a muffin at your favourite café. Work hard play harder!

5 Research.


Reading about the benefits of physical activity and healthy eating is a way that I stay motivated to keep going. You are not doing this hard work for nothing, and to feel the real benefits sometimes you need to be informed on what to look for.

There are endless health and fitness blogs to browse online. Pinterest has a list of the 50 best ones around. Nutrition is scientifically proven to be the way to a longer life and a better body. If you understand the body systems and how badly sugar and bad fats, cigarettes and caffeine affect your lungs, blood pressure, heart and kidneys your motivation to keep away from them will grow. So will your bank balance!

These five easy, doable strategies will work. At least trial and error them and if they don’t, contact OzSquad and we will find you some more. Value yourself, push yourself, and set some SMART goals. You won’t regret it!

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