Lululemon’s Awesome Ambassador Programme

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Lululemon’s Awesome Ambassador Programme

As some of you may already know, I was made an Ambassador for lululemon at Warringah a couple of weeks ago (if this is news for you, then you have done very well to avoid me excitedly babbling about it)… When I excitedly babble about it, the first thing most people say is “wow, congratulations”, shortly followed after a short pause by “so what does that mean then?”.

So here’s a little bit of background for you all on how it happened and what it means for OzSquad…

Lululemon embodies the sense of community, friendship and support that I aim to achieve with all my training groups. From staff asking your name in store, to their proactive nature in organising and holding free community yoga and exercise events – the store is more than a store.

It was this community approach, their damn awesome products and a chance encounter with one of their staff (Julie was pushing a buggy along the beachfront whilst wearing lululemon gear so was clearly a prime target for a Buggy Bootcamp flyer!) that drew me to the store. This led to lululemon facilitating firstly a Saturday morning community event with Buggy Bootcamp and then an OzSquad Learn to Run ‘taster’ series. A new, exciting relationship had begun that was formalised on the OzSquad 1st anniversary when the girls presented me with the Ambassador role.

As their Ambassador, lululemon will try to support any of my goals, events, or hair-brained OzSquad initiatives as much as they can (all ideas welcome!). I can raise local awareness of OzSquad via in-store or outdoor collaborative community events.  A few of their staff have become OzSquadders (I have already broken a couple of them… 😉 ) and they will tell visitors to their store about my businesses.  I get to product test their gear (and seriously, who wouldn’t want to do that?!). They can coach me through goal setting and are a willing sounding board for any business quandaries I face. I can access lululemon’s in store library and I have been given a whole heap of podcasts that are great resources for small businesses.

An amazing and unique deal for me I think you will agree – so why do they do it? To connect to communities, to support local businesses, to get product feedback from the people who live in their gear all day (so they can make it even more awesome), to stay as true as possible to their ‘giving without expectation’ values in an ever-increasingly commercial world and as their CEO succinctly sums up below, to change our approach to business…

[testimonial company=”lululemon CEO” author=”Christine Day” image=””]
“By supporting our partners, creating capacity for action and inspiring possibility, we hope to not only help create healthier communities but also to foster personal growth, connection and innovation. This, we believe, is the real foundation for changing how the world does business.”

A refreshing attitude from a global firm and one that I am whole-heartedly going to embrace and learn as much as I can from during my Ambassadorship. Thanks again lululemon!

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