What’s going on in the world of OzSquad?


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What’s going on in the world of OzSquad?

Find out the word on the OzSquad street here.

Afternoon OzSquadders, yep, Winter is here. Well done to the hard-core OzSquadders that have not let this put them off… on the plus side, it’s still pretty much the same temperature as the UK’s summer, we are nearly at the shortest day and at least we have Kierle Park and all of Manly’s stairs and hills pretty much to ourselves to run up and down right??

For those that have been putting off coming along to a session because it is too dark/too cold/too much like hard work – remember that your Summer body is made in Winter and get out that door to OzSquad. Besides, if you can do it when it is cold and dark until 6.57am, you can do it anytime!

The last OzSquad update was back in April and it has been all go since then… OzSquad turned One and I gave myself a morning off by sending the Tuesday morning troops on a celebratory ‘Trivia Hunt” (I have been told I can’t call it a ‘Treasure Hunt’ as the treasure was somewhat lacking…).  A tie-breaker roadside push-up comp settled the score and Vanessa and James were declared victorious. I therefore assume the liquid prize that was awarded has long gone…  😉

OzSquad’s biggest anniversary news though is that the lovely ladies of lululemon Warringah came along to the session and asked me to be their Ambassador. A well timed surprise that made every 5.30am start and hour worked building two businesses over the last year more than worth it.

Read more about what the amazing role actually means on my latest blog.

Keep scrolling down for details of a new evening OzSquad class, a Learn to Run update, forthcoming OzSquad events and runs and a little nag to enter Tough Mudder!

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