New Class! Tuesday 6.30pm OzSquad


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New Class! Tuesday 6.30pm OzSquad


Do you wish that you could get your fix of OzSquad squat jumps, quad busters, commando push ups, stairs and hills but can’t make the 6am class (either due to an early start at work or an inability to get out of bed at a time that starts with a 5…)?

From next week (Tuesday 25 June) there will be an evening OzSquad at 6.30pm.

Same meeting spot, same format as the morning class.

Your regular fellow OzSquadders will be:

+ Dan ‘Aged Like a Fine Wine’ Goode – known for his excessive height and textbook golf swing

+ Dylan ‘American Eagle’ McBride – known for his non-dairy diet and passion for martial arts

+ Matt ‘Good Day Sunshine’ Kates – known for his positive outlook on life and negative outlook on saying ‘no’

+ Austin ‘Bag-of-Popcorn-a-Day’ Ullery – known for his washboard abs and titanic biceps.

(Yep, Austin wrote the introductions…)

Please spread the word to any 6am-haters! All welcome for a free trial session.


A little footnote for existing OzSquadders…

Now then.  I recognise that the new evening offering may encourage Tuesday morning sleep-ins on the premise that you can just go later on – but we all know that if you can, it is better to get your exercise done and dusted before your day takes over, your boss keeps you working late and those little voices think up some kind of excuse for not going.

If you CAN make the Tuesday morning session, do it. (I guarantee you will all ignore this piece of advice at least once, promise yourself that you will go in the evening and then kick yourself when you are still at your desk at 6.25pm – you heard it here first.)

And just in case anyone was thinking “yeay, I can go to OzSquad twice on a Tuesday!”, the session will be a repeat of the morning’s work-out.

Just let me know if you would like to upgrade your existing membership to make the most of the additional class.


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