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New OzSquad Wednesday 6am session

New OzSquad Wednesday 6am session

Yeehaw, more OzSquads!

Shred Wed
New Wednesday 6am session – OzSquad speed and strength
Starts 28th August  in Kierle Park

All the usual OzSquad ‘fun’ with a good measure of CrossFit and competition thrown in.

The perfect combo.

Shred Wed will include cardio intervals as well as strength and conditioning circuits for time, often in an AMRAP format (that’s ‘as many rounds as possible’ in non-CrossFit speak) – you against the clock. Your results for each short, sharp work-out will be recorded so you know what you are aiming to beat the next time the work-out crops up a couple of months later.

Due to popular demand, the sessions will incorporate more resistance work, sometimes with equipment, than the original OzSquad classes.  However, some weeks the work-out will be a purely cardio speed session, just to keep you on your toes. Variety is the spice of life after all!

All OzSquadders are welcome to come along and try the new Wednesday session for free regardless of your membership package – Upgrade to the OzSquad Unlimited membership or Two-sie package afterwards to get your OzSquad money’s worth and remember that you can mix and match your sessions each week!

See you in Kierle Park for Shred Wed.

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