Tough Mudder, 22 September 2012


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“You guys did Tough Mudder.

How was it?”

A question that can’t be answered with a straight forward ‘good’ or a ‘terrible’ as Tough Mudder needs to be considered in two very distinct parts:

+ The race as a whole without obstacle number 13.

+ And obstacle number 13. The electric shock bit.

So to try to answer, the race – brilliantly organised and really good, tough, muddy, challenging fun. The electric shock bit – some of the worst, most painful 45 seconds of my life.

I know we all signed death waivers but seriously, that type of activity can’t be legal outside of medieval torture chambers. I got zapped in my eyeball for god’s sake.

For those that haven’t heard about it, in the “Electric Eel” participants have to crawl on their belly under a net that has hundreds of live wires hanging from it. Once under the net, there’s no turning back as more Tough Mudders are behind you – you just have to keep on crawling into the next body convulsing electric shock. Which, by the way, really, really sodding hurt – I like to think I’m pretty tough, and I had to give myself a little talking to not cry, panic, stop or all three.

Our team of five all bravely made it out (and dragged a poor bloke out who had given up in the last metre and was just lying there, head in his hands, body spasming with every hit). It was the only obstacle we paused after because we were all, well, in shock.

Would I do Tough Mudder again? You betcha. Obstacle 13? Not on your nelly.

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