2020 – The year that must not be named! Wow. I’m not quite sure where to start with this year’s round up. I did see a meme that said: “Cannot believe Tiger King was the most normal part of 2020.” Which does just about sum it up! Let’s scroll back to January – do you…

At OzSquad we pride ourselves on delivering effective, functional, gimmick-free, varied exercise that will challenge the lungs and muscles alike.   Head outdoors and try one of our signature bodyweight sessions, detailed below. Tell us your times!   Warm up – 5 minute jog and dynamic stretches   PART A For time 1km run 30…

OzSquad’s Top 20 Outdoor Fitness Activities in Manly How many have you done? Can you tick off all 20?! Manly folk are an active bunch and our beloved village by the sea was recently voted Australia’s best beach.  Here therefore, are our top ways on how to get out, about and active outdoors, making the…

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