No Equipment Necessary!

Bodyweight Training – No Equipment Necessary At OzSquad we love a bit of bodyweight training.  Here’s why…. 1.  You can do it anywhere, anytime. No equipment is necessary, so the excuse – “Oh what a shame, I can’t do any exercise today, I left my ab roller at home” just won’t cut it. Your body …

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Saltmotion Snapped!

Saltmotion Snapped! OzSquad finally got papped by Saltmotion! Looking good Tosh, Cookie and Jo ‘Two Thumbs Fresh’ McIntosh!


**New class** RunSquad for beginners!

A 60-minute group session every Wednesday at 7.00pm (meet at Kierle Park, Manly) aimed at beginner runners who want to improve their running endurance, running speed, cardio fitness and leg and core strength.  

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