Central Coast Half Marathon: My first clean (as in not muddy, not as in off the drugs) half marathon… It was a spur of the moment entry, two weeks before race day, one of those ‘sod it, I’ll just enter’ moments. Long term event specific preparation was therefore out of the question; short-term training hindered…

Saltmotion Snapped! OzSquad finally got papped by Saltmotion! Looking good Tosh, Cookie and Jo ‘Two Thumbs Fresh’ McIntosh!

“You guys did Tough Mudder. How was it?” A question that can’t be answered with a straight forward ‘good’ or a ‘terrible’ as Tough Mudder needs to be considered in two very distinct parts: + The race as a whole without obstacle number 13. + And obstacle number 13. The electric shock bit. So to…

A 60-minute group session every Wednesday at 7.00pm (meet at Kierle Park, Manly) aimed at beginner runners who want to improve their running endurance, running speed, cardio fitness and leg and core strength.  

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